Hotmail Account Password Reset

How to reset Hotmail Account Password?

The Hotmail password reset process has been simplified and represented in simple steps. Be with us for a few minutes if you are among the victims of account-hacking. The given steps are independent and easy-to-execute. Most probably you won’t face any problem during the stages of Hotmail password reset. Here are the steps of Hotmail password recovery via text message.

Easy Steps of Hotmail Password Reset

  • Open the sign-in screen.
  • Your account name will be displayed here.
  • Choose the concerned account if there are multiple accounts.
  • You need to type it if the concerned account is not displayed.
  • Please select [I forgot my password] located below the password text box.
  • Go to the [recover your account] screen then.
  • And type the characters displayed in the box below.
  • Here you can choose to receive the security code either as an email message or text message.
  • We suggest choosing the text message.
  • Type the last four digits of your phone number if you choose to get a text.
  • Select [Send Code] then.
  • Enter the code after it is received on your device.
  • Select [Next].
  • You will be on the [reset your password] window.
  • Create a new password and enter it twice.
  • Select [Next] again.
  • You will be on your sign-in screen.

Get in touch with the technical specialists of Hotmail customer care if any problem comes in your way, unwontedly! Hotmail Care has a specially trained department which is dealing with the facts, figures, and issues of Recover Hotmail Account . So, you should not be worried or hesitated if you got stuck while resetting the concerned. Dial the helpline number and get the desired solution.

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Hotmail Account Password Reset

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