How to Retrieve Hotmail Account without Password?

How to Retrieve my Hotmail Account Without Password?

Certainly, Hotmail has a large user base that uses many devices to access their account. They need to use a password to get a clear entry into their account and use it. If you are not able to use this, then the only resort to easily solve this is by using the valid account recovery method. After the merger of Hotmail and Microsoft, the only way to finish the Hotmail Account Recovery is through the Microsoft interface. To accomplish this process, you should use the official methods that are authorized by the owner and administrator of this online account. However, sometimes people lose possession of their official method that does not require any of it.

How to recover the Hotmail Account through security questions?

Recovering the password of your account enables you to regain its ownership again after losing it. When we consider all the account recovery options, then the security question is the most preferred one. This is due to the recovery process that is quick to complete and easy to handle. In this case, you need to use these official steps to recover your account.

  • To begin with, open the Microsoft website by using the internet browser.

  • After this, navigate to the sign-in section and enter the phone, email or, skype ID.

  • Move to the next section and choose the Forgot Password link.

  • With this, you need to navigate to the security question method.

  • Here, you will gain the security questions related to your account.

  • Now, give the relevant answer that matches the precise answer.

  • After this, the server will verify your ownership and grant you the required permission.

  • Next, create a new password for your Hotmail account that is both strong and unique.

  • In the end, enter that password again to confirm it and set it as permanent.

Here, you can also use the valid Microsoft app on your mobile device to finish the recovery process. Here, you just require to use a similar process and use it completely.

How to recover the Hotmail Account through customer support?

Similar to the online method, you can also resort to the offline method to finish the account recovery. Therefore, you need to use the official customer service to gain the recovery knowledge and use it appropriately. Here, you are required to use the steps that are given here.

  • To start with, visit the official Microsoft site and go to the valid page to access the customer service.

  • For this, select the Help option from the homepage and navigate to the page where you will get the complete list of helpline numbers.

  • Now, you only need to contact the customer service live person of Hotmail by calling on that number.

  • Talk to the Hotmail expert and ask him to recover your official account. Give all the details about the login credentials.

  • After this, choose the recovery method and make the customer service live person aware of it.

  • Now, he will process your request and complete it through various methods.

  • Once it is done, you can ask him to provide the new login credentials or use the temporary code provided by him.

  • To end the process, you only need to use that code for creating a new password for your Hotmail account.

Besides, many users still face several issues to recover the account and they need external assistance to resolve this. If you are also stuck in a situation where you need to Recover Hotmail Account, then get in touch with the customer support to gain additional information regarding this. It is very easy to recover your account with the help of the official contact methods such as phone number, email address or live chat.

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