How do I Cancel my Hacked Hotmail Account?

A Comprehensive Guide About The Steps to Cancel a Hacked Hotmail Account

If your Hotmail account has been hacked, then you need to refer to the article that has been published below. This article contains all the information that  you need to know such as How does a hacker gets to know the password, what are the steps to retrieve the hacked Hotmail account, how can we prevent our account from being hacked in the future. Read ahead for the detailed description of the above mentioned points.

Know How Does a Hacker Gets to Know About our Password.

Our email accounts contain a lot of our personal information that we can not afford to leak out at any cost. Something fishy can be sensed when we get to know that our account has been hacked. In the below mentioned points, some techniques used by the hackers to hack an account have been discussed. You should know about these techniques too.

  • Phishing: Many accounts get gacked when the users receive some sort of official message or email. That is when they intentionally provide their account credentials. That is why it is usually comes as a notiificatio that you should not provide your personal information and especially their one Time passwords to anybody.
  • Malware: Not always we happen to install the applications from a trusted source. Sometimes it happens that we install a program that does not belong to a trusted source and it requires us to enter our email credentials to access further. Once they get our credentials, they can easily hack our accounts. That is why, at the time of installation of any new software, it requires our permission to move further with the process..
  • Via internet sites: There are numerous websites that require our email credentials to provide us certain data. The hacker might get inside these internet sites, grab our credentials and check if the user has reused the password with any other platform. That is why it is suggested to set a unique password everytime you enter a social media platform that is new to you.

The above mentioned points give all the relevant information that should be kept in mind in order to save ourselves from our accounts getting hacked. Further in this article, we will get to know about the steps that are required to be followed in case of hacked Hotmail account.

Steps that are required to be followed if your Hotmail account has been hacked

If you find your Hotmail account hacked, there are certain steps that you need to be follow:

  • You need to clear the malware first, even before moving ahead with the password recovery process. For the same, you need to uninstall all the applications that you feel might contain some sort of malware or are from non-trusted sources.
  • Afterwards, you have to change your password, if you can’t access your account, then you have to follow the steps to reset the password with respect to your hacked hotmail account.
  • The third step is that you need to check the account settings. If you don’t find anything fishy there, then you need to set all the settings to default.
  • At the end, don’t forget to restore your contacts and emails and check the activity that happened to your account when it was not being accessed by you.

This is all about the account security at Hotmail. A hacked Hotmail account can be a reason to various cyber crimes, so it is very important to keep o0ur credentials safe with us as discussed in the first paragraph. If you still find that you need any kind of assistance, then you can get in touch with the support team that is available at Hotmail help centre. Online assistnce can be seeked easily at the official support website of Hotmail.  

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