How Do I Communicate with Hotmail

Know the ways to Communicate with Someone at Hotmail

Communicating with Hotmail is simple. As it is a product of Microsoft, you can use both Hotmail and Microsoft phone numbers to talk with some for help. Besides calling, the platform allows you to contact customer service on email and social media platforms.

If you want to know how do I communicate with Hotmail using phone calls or email, take the help with this article. Once you connect with a live representative, they can help you resolve issues like your account not working, not receiving emails, etc. let's check the steps to contact customer support.

How can I contact Hotmail customer support

Whenever you feel stuck with something on Hotmail, you can visit the support page of the platform and dial the contact number. Outlook is similar to Hotmail, which allows you to resolve the issues similarly. Once you reach the contact page, you can find the following options.

Phone Number

  • Dial the given number to hear a voice menu.
  • Follow the OC prompts and select the topic.
  • Wait a while till a live person speaks to you on call.


  • You can find the message icon at the bottom of the contact page.
  • Click on the icon to see the email form.
  • Fill out and send the form to get a reply from Hotmail.

You can easily communicate with Hotmail by selecting any given way regarding your issues. The customer representatives can help you with all the queries and provide a relevant solution. Besides, you can use the Community pages to find similar questions and their answers. So now, don't worry if you are stuck with some issue while using Hotmail and contact the theme for smooth operations.

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