How To Fix Hotmail Not Working On Different Devices?

Hotmail not working is not a serious issue as long as you know the ways to fix the issue. Hotmail can be logged in all types of devices and then you can log in using your credentials and then log in the account as per your convenience.

Hotmail not working

Hotmail not working can be fixed easily with the help of the simple troubleshooting, provided that the bug in the account is not critical. However for the people who are facing this issue for the first time, they can follow the basic technical steps and fix the account. But before you take up the Hotmail’s troubleshooting method, find out about the reasons first.

  • If you are not able to find Hotmail not working, then maybe the reason behind the issue is the internet connection because of which users are not able to log in the account.
  • Secondly If the Hotmail is not updated since a long time then also people are not able to log in the account.
  • Or if there is any virus in your device then also people are not able to log in their account.
  • Hotmail would also stop working if there is any configuration issue in the Hotmail.

Hotmail not working on iPhone

  • If you are unable to log in the Hotmail on iPhone then maybe there is a log in issue. Try the following methods.
  • Check if you are logging in using the correct password or the username.
  • Try to update the IOS from time to time so that applications downloaded on the phone work properly.
  • In case you are not able to log in or send emails then scan the iPhone if the settings of the device is not affected.

Hotmail not working on MAC

  • If you take the help of the MAC device to log in the account then try to cross check the network connection of the MAC device so that the internet works completely fine.
  • Try to update and clear all the unwanted space from the MAC device for accessing new accounts.
  • Contact the service provider if there is any internet issue or glitch with the laptop settings.

Hotmail Not Working on Android Device

  • If Hotmail stops working on android device, then first of all go to the device and search for the update settings. If the settings are up to date then try to re-start the device and then log in the account for the use.
  • Try to clear all the cache files and cookies from the browser that you use to log in the account.

Hotmail Not Working on Apple Mail

If the Hotmail does not log in or work on Apple mail then try to fix the MAC first. You can always update it from time to time so that you would be able to log in the account timely. While setting up the Hotmail account on Apple mail, cross check the credentials.

Hotmail not working on Outlook account

Have you synced the Outlook account with the Hotmail account but Hotmail is not working on the Outlook account? Such types of issues arise during the configuration and for fixing this, first of all check the credentials and then log in back. If the problem still persists then check the service status and then try to log in the account.

Hotmail account not working on laptop

For any type of laptop, if the Hotmail doesn’t work then check on the internet and then try to update the account plus the device. If the problem still persists then contact the customer care team of the Hotmail.

Hotmail not working today

If the Hotmail stops working all of a sudden then first of all open the new tab and refresh the page. Long press the power button and wait till the device reboots.

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