Yahoo Account Hacked Recovery Email Changed

What Should I Do If My Yahoo Account Hacked Recovery Email Changed?

Yahoo account plays a major role when we try to access different online products. It is even used for sending emails and no doubt it has easy to use interface. But, sometimes person forgets the password and could not access the account. 

It can create a problem while accessing the products. But, Yahoo provides the recovery methods too through which one can easily recover the account. Though, in very rare case Yahoo Account Recovery Email Change that creates the further issues. If you are facing similar issues while recovering the account, then there are certain things that you can direct. 

Things To Recover The Hacked Yahoo Account  

If you have noticed that the Yahoo recovery email is changed, then it is a clear sign of an account hacked. Though you don’t have to worry about it, just follow the things discussed further. 

  • Log In To Your Yahoo Account 

It is the most common way to save the account, all you need to use the details of login. Here you can log in to the account and disable the account. It is quite an easy process and the best part is that you can again log in to the system and gain access.  

Here, you have to take care of one thing that is you have to again login to the account within 30 days. If you forget or ignore it, then the account will automatically delete. 

  • Two-Step Verification 

You can add an additional layer of security to your account. It is a new form of a method through which was introduced by the company. With this, you can easily know about, if someone is changing or login into your account. 

All you have to go to the settings and turn on the two-step verification. Here you have to register the number, and you will receive the code. One can make the changes only when you click on allow or mention the code on the provided place.

  • Change The Yahoo Password

If you are noticing unusual activity, like the yahoo recovery email is changed, then you should go for the password change. You can easily change the password by going to the settings, but make sure you know the existing password. 

If you forget the password, then you can recover it by choosing the recovery phone number method. It may take some time but can help your account. Even, if you set the two-step verification before this process, then make sure you carry the registered number. The number you have mentioned must be activated and working. If you are not receiving the code, then you will not able to change the password. 

One common mistake that you have to avoid is, only change the Yahoo password. If you have linked other accounts to it, then you will have to change the password for the other. It will provide security to another account too. 

  • Connect With The Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo Account Hacked is a serious issue and it contains all the private and vital information, it should be resolved fast. If you are not getting the solutions even after directing the above-mentioned techniques, then you should go for the Yahoo Customer Service team. 

There are many ways through which you can connect with the team. You can connect with a phone number as well as from the live chat. They provide quick support and real-time aid. 

In this way, you can manage the account hacked and recovery email changed. You can direct any one of the methods we have discussed above, and make sure you are getting the appropriate solutions. 

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