Microsoft Outlook Password Reset

How to Reset Microsoft Outlook Password

Outlook is a mail service which comes under Microsoft and used by most of the organizations. With email services, it also provides calendar, task manager, journal, note taking and web browsing. It has been seen that people using outlook email sometimes have an issue with there password management but this is not an issue to worry there is a simple procedure of outlook password reset.

If you use the Outlook but there might be a time when you forgot or needed to reset your Microsoft Outlook to a new password. You can reset your outlook password in a very easy way for that you need to follow few simple steps of outlook password recovery.

Steps for Microsoft Outlook Password Reset:

  • Go to the Outlook login page to reset your account.
  • The page will show “I forgot my password “ as the first option, click on Next.
  • The Next page shows “Recover your account” option, in the box you need to enter the EMail, Phone or Skype name, then enter the captcha.
  • Click Next.
  • When you click on Next, you will see a page “Select An Account Reset Option”. Select Text or EMail on this page.
  • If you have a Hotmail password Reset number, click on it. A message will be sent to your Reset number.
  • You can also choose to recover your password through the EMail address, type in EMail address here. Or use the Hotmail password reset number, then click Send code.It will send a recovery code to your EMail address or Recovery number, whichever option you choose.
  • Enter the code into the box provided on the web page, then you will be redirected to the page where you need to enter the “New Password” and then click Next.
  • Clicking on Next when prompted will take you to the Sign in a page where you can sign in into your new account using your new password.

These password reset steps will definitely help you in resetting your account password but if you are unable to perform these steps on your own you can take help from the technical support team and get your password recovery done by the techies.

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