How To Verify Facebook Page With Blue Tick

How To Verify Facebook Page With Blue Tick

Facebook is one of the mediums to get connected to social media. It allows users to connect with people worldwide. It provides users with many features to use and enjoy the application. They can post pictures, videos and do live videos. There are questions of customers who want to know about How To Verify Facebok Page With Blue Tick. Some people want to get verified on Facebook. Following are some of the steps through which they can get a blue tick on their page:

If the user’s page or profile represents a person, they will need a copy of the official government-issued photo identification such as a:

  • Passport of the user.
  • A driving license is essential for verification.
  • National identification card of the users to get verified on Facebook.

If the Facebook page or profile represents an organization, they will need a copy of one of the following:

  • Phone or utility bill of the organization.
  • A certificate of formation of the organization.
  • Organization’s Articles of incorporation.
  • Tax exemption documents of the organization who wants blue tick and wants to get verified on Facebook.
  • Facebook does not sell its badges of verification to the users.
  • There are many other terms and conditions, as a page should be of a real person or registered business entity.
  • Account or page should represent a well-known person, often searched person, brand, or entity.

They can also search for topics like how to verify the Facebook page with grey. Grey badges are for local or small businesses. The above mentioned are some of the ways and steps by which users can get verified on Facebook and get a blue tick on their account or page.

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