Canon Printer Installation

How quickly can I install my canon printer?

No need to install a driver for installing a Canon printer on your computer which is running a recent version of operating system. In the case of an old operating system, like Windows XP or Windows Vista, you may require the driver installed for how to install canon printer. It helps the user in detecting the connected printer if he/she is running an old operating system. However, you are required to install the Canon printer driver from a different source if the CD or CD drive is no longer available.

Canon Printer Installation Steps 

  • Open your web browser.
  • Type in it.
  • Go to the left side of the opened window; select SUPPORT.
  • It will insist you to choose the CURRENT LOCATION; do it.
  • Navigate to the PRODUCT FAMILY.
  • The selection of CONSUMER AND HOME OFFICE is essential for you now.
  • Select appropriate product series from the PRODUCT SERIES scroll-bar.
  • Navigate to the DRIVERS & SOFTWARE dialog now.
  • Select DRIVERS & SOFTWARE of the concerned printer model.
  • Plus, select the OPERATING SYSTEM running on the computer.
  • Click on DOWNLOAD to download the driver directly.
  • Make double-click on the downloaded file and let the driver installed.
  • You are ready to install your Canon printer now.

This is how to install canon printer manually, but this is not the only way to get the printer installed; many other ways are there. To know any of those methods, you will need to have a conversation with the customer support professionals who have been assisting the users with the best knowledge. If you have forgotten the number, collect it from the official web portal of canon support. The professionals are skilled enough to tell how to install canon printer without making a failed attempt. Even you can get in touch with these professionals for getting the clarification of any single step we have listed above. They are widely known for their straightforward work ethics, friendly attitude, and willingness to deliver.


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