How to Change Mobile Number on Facebook Account

How do I update a new number on my Facebook Account

Facebook provides a comprehensive platform to connect to friends, relatives, and people living all around the globe. It also enables the users to make new bonds and friends. People can sign up for their Facebook account with an email id or a phone number. They can also add their details to their account for an easy search. However, there are times when the users want to know how to change mobile number on Facebook account due to the lost access to their last number. 

How can I change my number on Facebook

  • l Users are first requested to log in to their Facebook account with the registered email or phone number.
  • l Visit my profile section from the right corner of the screen.
  • l  Click on the settings and privacy tab from the listed menu.
  • l In the account settings section, click on personal information.
  • l Now click on the phone number option.
  • l You’ll be able to see your registered phone number; now click on the edit tab available beside the registered number.
  • l  Enter the new number you want to add to your account. A verification code will be sent to the added phone number.
  • l Enter the code, let it verify. Your new contact number will be added to your Facebook account.

The steps mentioned above can help users change mobile number on Facebook account through mobile or laptops. Users can easily reach out to their friends and relatives using these contact numbers. Facebook also provides the facility to upload photos and videos. People can share their updates and the updates of their friends through Facebook.


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