How to change incorrect information on Google

How to change incorrect information on Google

Google provides several facilities, including google books, google accounts, google music, etc. For access to all these services, you must log in to the Google email account through your phone or laptop. However, there are times when people need to change or edit their information on google and often ask How To Change Incorrect Information on Google for a better work process. In case if you want to change or edit the information, you can follow the below-mentioned steps-

How can I change my information on Google?

  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your phone or laptop.
  • From the bottom of the page, click on the ‘manage your google account’ option.
  • All the google accounts that are opened on your device will be visible to you. Select the one in which you want to make the changes.
  • Your account will be opened, now from the top of the screen, tap on personal info.
  • Now, under the basic info or personal info, choose the information in which you want to make the correction
  • Click on the edit icon of the specific information, make the required changes. For changing the number or registered email id, you may receive the verification code. Enter the code and make the change.
  • After making the changes, click on the confirmation icon.

If you face any kind of difficulty in making Change Incorrect Information on Google, then you can connect to the customer support of Google. The executives can help you with all the details and ways to edit the information. You can contact the executives through phone numbers, live chats, social media, and emails.

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