Facebook Account Password Recovery

How easily can I recover my Facebook account password?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media for sharing photos, videos, thoughts, opinions and much more. Millions of people are having an account on Facebook. It gives many of them a platform for any initiative and sharing is fun on Facebook. Password issue is one of the common problems. Many forget their passwords and then look for an easy Facebook Password Recovery. No need to panic in such case because there is a simple way to get the access back to the account. Facebook provides three easy ways to get the password reset, so, here we go !.

Steps to Reset Facebook Account Password

  • On the login page of Facebook, click on the link, Forgot Password.
  • The user will be redirected to a new page with three options.
  • Choose the first one if you have a Yahoo account.
  • The notification will be sent to Yahoo account from where the user can reset the new password.
  • If a user doesn't have a Yahoo account, he can choose the second option having an alternate email id or the id through which user logs in to the Facebook. This is the recovery id.
  • On clicking the button Continue, the user will receive the six-digit code on that email id.
  • Enter the code and click on Change Password.
  • Enter the new password. Retype to confirm and Save.
  • The third option is on the phone. A user can provide a trusted phone number.
  • A code will be sent to that number.
  • Again user has to type that code on the Facebook Password Recovery page and then click on Change Password.

The password can be reset quickly in no time with these steps. If the user wants any other guidance, he can any time call the Facebook Password Recovery phone number. The executives will resolve the issues and they can guide the users for future.

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