How Do I Fix Facebook News feed Not Updating

How Do I Fix Facebook News feed Not Updating

Facebook is one of the best ways that keep the user in touch with new updates and matters. But there are common queries of users that they mostly get ads to see on Facebook instead of updates from friends and others they follow. But quite recently, Facebook has been changed to control how many negative and positive updates users see.

Now to know about why Facebook News feed Not Updating, then the common reasons can be like the Facebook app, might not be updated, slow internet connectivity or it can be Facebook server might be down. Now to know about the points through which you will learn about Facebook news feed updates, follow the points given below.

Steps to fix Facebook News Feed

  • First, check out your internet connection and resolve it
  • After that, go for updating your news feed preferences 
  • Next, uninstall the Facebook app and reinstall the updated version of the app from the play store 
  • Check out the date and time within your app and accordingly change the date and time 
  • User must also clear cache and data from the Facebook app 
  • At last, the user will erase 3rd party app from a smartphone device. So to resolve your issue with the Facebook news feed.

However, if you need to get detailed information about Facebook News Feed Not Updating On iPhone, you can get in touch with the Facebook customer service team. And from representative help, you will surely get appropriate information to get solutions you get through the news feed on iPhone

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