How to contact Acer Support Number ?

Acer Customer Support Services

Acer Inc. is a multinational hardware and electronics corporation, headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Acer's products include desktop and laptop PCs, tablets and other IT devices and gadgets. Acer also sells PCs specially made and dedicated to gaming named as a sub brand “Predator”, which is really loved by the gamers.

Acer was one of the largest personal computer vendor with 6th position in the world. If anyone gets any issue while using their products, they can dial Acer support phone number and get help. This is also an reason why Acer users take it as a reliable company.

Acer provides tremendous customer support in so many ways. To get quick, easy and genuine response to your questions regarding technical issues you may contact Acer customer support. You’d need the following information with you to authenticate yourself before contacting us.

  • Acer SNID number (product id)
  • Serial number (Should be written on your bill invoice)
  • If your device is already in service centre for repair You can provide the “Case ID”

You have multiple options to get support.

  • Telephone Support

In case of any technical help request, you may dail Acer support phone number and connect to expertized and skilled technical team.

  • Online Support

You can go to the “Acer Online Service” pages to get quick answers, useful technical articles and to download drivers.

  • Ask Questions

You can send your questions via our Online Email support forum.

  • Online Self Service

You can go to our online self-service portal to book as slot for your unit’s repair and to get repair status.

  • User Community

Visit their official website and check Acer Support Communities to get suggestions and help from other users of Acer.

  • Live Chat

With this quickest way to get support, you can ignore being on hold in the long queue to get connected to an agent over the phone.

  • Premium Technical Support

By dialing Acer support phone number, you’ll be asked for premium technical support. If your product’s warranty has expired or you need any any software support. Acer premium technical support avails free remote diagnosis for all kind of software issues and tells you how to fix it (repair fee will apply).

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