What Are The Best Ways To Fix Yahoo Error 502

Resolving the Yahoo Error Code 502

Yahoo always works for the users' needs and preferences and provides services accordingly. There can be some situations when you face the error 502 in the yahoo messages. In that, you can fix the yahoo error code 502 through simple troubleshooting steps. You need to read further and get the details of all the fixes:

  1. Refresh the browser:

There can be some technical glitch on the page, so you need to refresh the browser. If you are using windows or PC, then you need to press the F5 button to refresh and solve the problem. In android or iOS, you need to tap on the refresh button.

     2. Open yahoo on a different browser:

You need to close the browser in which you are using and open yahoo on the new browser. With this, you can check that yahoo messenger will start working.

   3. Restart your device:

There are times when you restart the device will fix the problem. So to troubleshoot the error 502, you need to restart the device and log in to yahoo messenger.

  4. Change DNS server:

Sometimes you will be assigned the default server by your ISP; in that case, you need to change the DNS server and try the other server.

If your problem is still not resolved, you can contact the customer support of yahoo. The experts will give you a quick solution for yahoo error code 502, which you can use to fix the problem. To find the several contact modes, you can check on their support page.


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