Where do I Report my Hacked Gmail Account?

Where do I Report my Hacked Gmail Account?

If you find that you cannot log in even after providing the correct details, then your account is hacked. After you realize this, you must report for it as it will make the process more secure. But, many of the users, especially new are not aware of the process. It is pretty effortless work to report hacked Gmail account. All here, you need to direct some steps that you can read below. Here make sure that you are the owner of the account because there will be some steps where you have to prove yourself as an owner. 

Steps To Report Hacked Gmail Account 

Once you find out that your Gmail account is hacked, try to contact the live person, or you can fill the form to delete the account. To report hacked Gmail account, go with the below-mentioned strides. You can do this without relying on the third person.

  • First of all, go to the Gmail main page, or you can search on Google’s page too. 
  • Now, you can see the contact us option on the main page. However, if you are using this one the mobile, then you might have to scroll down to find this page. 
  • In this, you can see the various option to contact them, but now you have to report them, then you can go with the different option. 
  • Next, you have to scroll down the page and see there will be the option name “report a security problem.” The most important part is that you have lost the account and have to come up with security issues. So this will be the nearest option for the report account. Now, you may see this as a “ Security concern” too, though this may vary from person to person and what type of account they run. 
  • Once you select the above-mentioned option, then you will be provided with the different options. All these options are related to the hacked Gmail account, and it will contain the option like sending messages that are violating the Gmail policies. 
  • You can select any one of them and make sure it is related to the hacked and shows a strong reason. If you select this wrong, then you may have to run the process again. 
  • In most cases, users go with “a Gmail user who is sending messages that violates terms of use.” 
  • Click on the submit button, and you will lead to the entire new page it. 
  • Here on the new page, you have to mention the Gmail id, existing password and scroll down the page. You can see the “description box.” 
  • In the description box, you have to describe the issues you are facing, and it should match the reason for the report. 
  • Click on the review, and then click on the submit button. 

Now, you can see how to report hacked Gmail account online. If you face any glitch during this, then don’t forget to connect with the Gmail live person and get instant solutions. 


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