Set up SBCGlobal Email on iPhone

How to set up SBCGlobal email account on an iPhone device?

A SBCGlobal email account is associated with the AT&T email services and this is why with the help of this webmail account most of the users find this webmail service pretty simple and bestow so simple way to setup and install it on various devices. If you are one of them looking for the help to set up this webmail account on iPhone device, you are required to get help from techies who are looking for the problem to deal given by the users on a daily basis.

This is so simple to ask how to set up SBCGlobal email on an iPhone device but very tough to perform an appropriate procedure but for that it is mandatory to get in touch with techies who are available at all the time in order to get the issue fixed with ease. When someone needed to set up his account he does two simple settings with the POP and IMAP Mail server and then SSL that gave a guarantee to secure your email account on your device for a long.

Simple steps to Set up SBCGlobal Email on your iPhone

  • Turn on your iPhone device and tap the settings to choose mail, contact, and calendar.
  • Tap the add account button and press add another account option go to the search button.
  • Select SBCGlobal email account and enter the correct email address and move to the next.
  • Go to the mail server protocols to enter into the suitable fields.
  • Select IMAP mail server and enter the correct email address and press add button.
  • Select SMTP mail server and enter the correct email address and press add button.
  • Click the SSL mail server and enter the password at the end of the procedure.

It is hoped, that now you are able to check email related to the SBC Global email account on your iPhone device with ease. If you are unable to perform this procedure by your own you can contact to SBCGlobal Technical Support Team to get it done for your in a very short span of time. To contact technical support team just call on the toll-free number mentioned above and get in touch with them.

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