A Simple Process to Recover Old Facebook Account without Email and Phone Number

Facebook is one most amazing social media platform among the youngsters, and the businesspreneurs. You can easily share your feelings in the form of message to the any of your close friend, relatives or anyone with whom you wish to talk. But most of the time it happens that users lose the access of their facebook account and they don’t have access of phone number and the Email address. Fortunately, you are at the right place. Here find a complete detail to recover the old facebook account without phone number and the mail address.

Some Basic Steps to Recover Facebook Account without Phone Number and the Email Address.

  • Head to the website of facebook.com
  • Tap on the option of “forgot password” as shown below the password text box.
  • In the next step, select the account.
  • Following above, Tap on “search button” as shown below the text box.
  • Click on “ use my Google account”.
  • Tap continue and a window will open.
  • In the last step, enter the details of Gmail address and the password.

Alternative way to Recover Facebook Account

This is basic method to recover the facebook account if you don’t have access of phone number or the email address. Let’s start the process.

Recover Account Across Mobile.

  • To begin the process, first head-in to the facebook account.
  • Now you are required to Click on the link “ Need help” shown below the email address and the field of the password.
  • Click on the option of “ Forgot password”.
  • In case you forgot the phone number and email address, search it by name.
  • Tap on search button
  • Tap on “ This is me” option
  • Now you will receive a code on the phone
  • Finally, you got recover your facebook account.

Learn the Points to Speak to a Live Person on Facebook.

These are the easiest steps that you should know to connect with the live person on the Facebook. So read each of these steps carefully 

  • Head to the center page of the Facebook.
  • Select the type of question which is associated to the problem.
  • Following the above, now log into the account with the help of username and password. Then see at the top right corner of the screen by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Check the small mark inside the dark circle.
  • Click on it from the dropdown menu of the list.
  • Choose"Report a Problem."
  • In the last step now Follow the on-screen instructions.

Call to the Support Number 24/7

If you are facing any issue in completing the issue, you can call directly to the support number to get the query fixed or the to get the solution.

Thus, all the points discussed above is based on recover my old facebook account, if you require further support , you can call directly to their support number to get the immediate answer or response. else you can share the mail to the correct recipient address or report a problem for the regualr answer of the feedback.

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