How can I turn off Facebook Notifications

How can I turn off Facebook Notifications

Suppose you are working on your laptop and you are very involved and focused on your work and suddenly your laptop pops up with a Facebook notification.

It happens many times, you get distracted very easily when while doing the work, notifications keep popping up on your desktop and you get frustrated.

You lose focus on your work as these notifications become very irritating.

 Are you also fed up with your Facebook notifications?

Your problem of ‘How can I turn off my Facebook Notifications is solved. This guide will help you to turn off Facebook Notifications.

By the following steps, you can turn off your Facebook Notifications:

  • Open your Facebook on any of your devices.
  • After opening Facebook, log in to your Facebook account where you will see the arrow on the extreme side of the screen.
  • By clicking the arrow, you will find the option ‘settings”, click on ‘settings” option.
  • By clicking on settings option, you will see the ‘notifications' option on the side bar. Click that option.
  • After clicking on notifications, you will find various device names you want to turn off the notifications for.
  • You will see Desktop and mobile options, click on that option.
  • After selecting the device name you wanted to turn off the notifications for, click on Turn off option.
  • Now your Facebook notifications are turned off.

So, above are the steps to Turn off your Facebook notifications.

Now you can work freely without getting frustrated with these Facebook notifications.

That was all. Hope this was helpful.

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