How To Troubleshoot Yahoo Error Code 100

How To Troubleshoot Yahoo Error Code 100

Yahoo is undoubtedly one of the best email service providers and, at the same time, also a great search engine. However, there can be a situation where you come across Yahoo Error Code 100. In that situation, you only need to follow the information given ahead. 

Troubleshooting methods:

(Method 1) Log out from the other gadgets you’re using-

Suppose you have logged in to your Yahoo mail from different devices. Then you must log out from all those devices. Once you have logged out, try to log in again from one device. Now you might not see the error again.

(Method 2) Check if your browser is up to date or not-

You need to make sure that the browser you’re using is updated. In case it is not, then make sure you update it. After that, you’ll be able to log in to your Yahoo mail. 

(Method 3): You would need to delete the cache and the cookies of your web browser-

Cookies and cache create different kinds of technical issues while you’re using your Yahoo account. That is the reason it is necessary to clean that up. 

(Method 4) : Scan your computer for any Malware or even virus, and then you would need to clear it. 

Scan your computer. If you have an anti-virus, then you can even use that. Once the scan is over, you need to clear all the malware. Then you can use Yahoo email. 

That is it. It is that easy. Hopefully, your query is solved. So, next time if you have a question in your mind, “How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Common Error Code 100?” Then you only need to follow the information above.

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