How to Recover Hotmail Account with Date of Birth?

How To Recover Hotmail Account With Date Of Birth?

Hotmail is a widely used web application of Microsoft. They provide various services like sending and receiving emails, save information, share vital information securely as well as fast. Nevertheless, sometimes a person finds it hard to open an account because they forget the login details. 

Though, it is quite common and can occur with any user. It could happen when the person uses it on some other system or using multiple accounts. No matter what is the reason, Hotmail lets you recover the account easily and effortlessly. They even let you recover your Hotmail account with the Date of Birth, Yes, you can do this, all you need to direct the following mentioned steps. 

Steps To Recover Hotmail Account With Date Of Birth 

It is quite easy to recover the account with the date of birth. All you have to remember the login ID, and the remaining can be an easy recovery. 

  • First of all, go to the official page of the Hotmail, or you can search for the term “Recover Hotmail account with Date of Birth
  • Next, you can see the login option at the corner of the page at the topmost
  • Further, you will notice that the option where you have to mention the login information
  • Here you can put the email ID or if you registered with it any other way, then you have to mention it. If you forget it, then you will not able to recover the account. So make sure you mention something at the required place 
  • Next, mention remembers the last remembered password. Once you mention it and click on the login, then you will automatically see the option of recover the account if the password is wrong 
  • Further, you can see the option with which you can recover the account. Though, it may happen that you will move to the options, like recover with alternative mail, phone number, or any other method. You have to skip them or try on another method
  • You can see the option of date of birth, where you have to mention the date of birth that is registered with the account. It must be similar, if you forget, then you will not recover with this method 
  • Once you show the date of birth, then you can see the option of recovery. Here you can see the popup screen where Hotmail asks you to change the password. In between this, you might get the message on your registered number that someone is changing the password. You have to allow this, and only then you can change the password 
  • Further, you can set the new password, and confirm it. You can check the login page and try to mention the password

In this way, you can recover the Hotmail account. It is quite clear that Recover Hotmail Account with Date of Birth is much easier as compared to the other methods. You can select this, and if you face any kind of glitch in between the process, then you can interact with the live person of Hotmail and get instant solutions. 

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