How Do I Get a Google Phone Number?

What is the procedure to get a phone number from Google?

As you might be aware, Google voice is one of the popular virtual phone services that offer paid and free plans to users. And to make it easier for the users to access Google voice services, a free phone number is provided that will forward all the calls to the newly assigned phone number. 

Besides, the users who are planning to get a new Google Phone Number and have no clue about the service can go through the details mentioned below and manage their tasks accordingly. 

What is the procedure to get a new phone number from Google?

The procedure for getting a new phone number from Google is quite simple, but some users are not aware of the exact procedure. So, help them throughout the process, one can follow the steps mentioned below. 

a) Sign up for a Google account

The first step towards getting a Google Phone Number is by signing up for a Google account. And for the users who already have a Google account can log in and proceed with the process. Further, the user needs to verify their account and proceed with the next set of steps. 

b) Now, get a phone number

  • While signing up, the user is offered an option whether they wish to opt for the phone number for personal use or business purposes. 
  • In case of personal use, the user will be direct to the app download page where one can pick the preferred device to access the service.
  • And those who have opted for business use will be provided with multiple plans from which one can select an affordable plan. 
  • Now, after selecting the usage option, the user needs to enter their area code. 
  • Further, they will be offered multiple phone numbers from which one can pick for their Google account. 

c) Verify the phone number

After getting a Google Phone Number, the next step is to verify the same by following the given set of instructions: 

  • As it is a virtual phone number, the user needs to link the number to the existing phone number.
  • After mentioning the number, the user can request a code on the same and proceed. 
  • Further, the user can mention that code and complete the verification process. 

Thus, this is the complete detailed procedure on how the user can get a Google Phone Number. Still, if the user has any queries, they can reach out to Google support for help by using the information discussed below.

Contacting Google support to get a phone number

As Google offers premium customer support services, the user can reach out to the support representative by using any of the below-mentioned steps and seek required help to get themselves a Google Phone Number:

  • Visit the official support page of Google and select the relevant service.
  • Then, the user can look for assistance to get a new phone number from Google.
  • On the support, the user can find a relevant solution and contact options.
  • Further, the user can opt for the email or live chat contact option to get a phone number with Google. 

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