How do I complain to Google?

How to make a complaint to Google?

Do you want to make a complaint about your Google-related issue? You can make a complaint to Google about your issue conveniently through different modes. To know how you can register your complaint to Google, you may read further.

Google is a popular internet-related service provider that is known for its wide range of services and products. Google is also known for the amazing customer support that it provides to its users to ensure their convenience. Google users who face any issue with the services of Google can make their complaints online or via Google complaint phone number. There are many other modes through which the users can make their complaints to Google.

How to make a complaint online to Google?

To make a complaint about a Google-related issue online, the users can follow the steps given below:

  1. Google users first need to go to the Google search engine and do a Google search.

  2. Now the users need to scroll the result page down and navigate to the Feedback option.

  3. The users need to click on the Google Feedback option present at the bottom of the page.

  4. Now the Google users need to enter a brief description of their issue.

  5. The users of Google also need to enter a screenshot of their issue.

  6. Google users are now required to click on the Send option to make their complaints.

After sending the complaints, someone from Google customer service will surely get back to the users with a solution. If the users do not want to register their complaints online, then they can use the other modes also. The users can register their complaints via Google complaint phone number or through other modes.

Other Modes to Make a Complaint to Google

  • Via Call

Google users who wish to get immediate assistance after making a complaint can register it via call. They can call on the Google complaint phone number and follow the IVR instructions to connect with a Google live person. A Google live person will register their complaints and will provide immediate help on their issues.

  • Email 

Google users can also register their complaints through email. They can send their complaints to the Google support team via email at their official email address. However, this will not help the users in getting immediate help from the Google support team. But their issues will surely be reviewed and resolved within 24 hours. Someone from the support team of Google will get back to the users for assisting them with their issues.

  • Live chat

The users of Google can also make their complaints through chat by using the live chat support service of Google. It is amongst the most convenient ways of registering a complaint to Google. For this, Google users just need to visit the contact page of Google. There, the users need to select the Google live chat support option. Now in the chat window, the users can share their complaints with a Google live person. To fetch more details such as Google complaint phone number, email address, and other details the users can check out the contact page of Google.

How do I make a complaint at Google?

Google is directly or indirectly connected to almost everyone’s life. That is mainly because it is one of the biggest brands in the world. Google’s reputation is dependent not only on Google products but also on the great customer service which Google provides. However, no matter how good the company and its services are, there are times when customers might have a complaint regarding the service or the product. A complaint is also a form of feedback which is very important for the company so that they can improve their service. 

Steps to make a Complaint at Google: 

  1. Search “Google Grievance Mechanism” on google search engine. 

  2. On top, you’ll find the link to the Grievance Mechanism page. Click on the link and open it. 

  3. You’ll see that the whole page is dedicated to customer complaints. 

  4. You would need to choose the right Google product regarding your query. 

  5. Within the paragraph which is dedicated to a Google product, which relates to your query, you just need to click on the link mentioned there to make your complaint. 

Steps to make a Feedback at Google (General):

  1. Open the Google help official website. 

  2. The easiest way to open the website is to search “Google Support” on any search engine or Google search engine. 

  3. You’ll see the link to Google help official website right on top. 

  4. Open the Google Help website. 

  5. Once you’re on the homepage. 

  6. Scroll down and you’ll see an option of “Send feedback about our Help center”

  7. You would need to click on that option. A box would pop up on your screen.  

  8. You would need to write your complaint or feedback, in that box. However, at the same time please make sure that you don’t share any of your sensitive information. 

  9. You can also attach a screenshot of your issue, if in case it is possible. 

Steps to make a complaint at Google (of a particular Google product):

  1. Open the Google help official website. 

  2. On the homepage of the website, you’ll see Google products. You can select any of the products regarding which you have the complaint. 

  3. For example - if you want to make a complaint against Gmail then just select Gmail. 

  4. You will be directed to a different page. There you’ll see steps to send feedback in Gmail. 

  5. In the same manner, if you have any problem related to any other Google Product, then you would need to follow the same steps and click on the relevant Google product, regarding your query. After that, you’ll see the options related to that product. One of the options would be regarding giving the feedback. Click on it and you can make a complaint through it. 

I hope your query is sorted after following all the above-mentioned steps. Google is having a dedicated team looking forward to customer complaints. They’ll get back to you with a quick and permanent solution. If in case you want to have any further information, then you just need to dial the Google support phone number.

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