How Can I Access My Old Yahoo Account Without Verification Code?

Yahoo is one of the topmost used web applications. It provides different types of service from sending messages to managing calendars. However many times user forgets the password or unknowingly deletes the account.  

If you are facing a similar kind of issue and looking for a yahoo old account recovery method without verification code then follow the below-mentioned write-up. We have covered some way to recover the account.

Methods to Recover the Yahoo Account 

  1. With Alternative Mail 

It happens numerous times when one lost the registered number and fails to get the verification code. It is the easiest way to recover the mail without any code, but an alternative email can help you. 

  • Open Yahoo Official website
  • Click on the login option
  • Provide the information, like ID, and skip the password section
  • If you forget the ID, then first click on the “Forget Id”
  • Now, retrieve the ID, select the method of recovery that is present beneath the password section
  • Click on the Alternative email and Yahoo will send you a link
  • Click on the link and you will be directed to a new page
  • It is the page where you can create a new password 

In this way, you can easily recover the yahoo account. And make sure you log in with the new password. 

  1. Answer Security Question 

If you do not have any other email or recovery mail, then follow this method. 

  • First of all, open the login page of Yahoo
  • Click on the forget password link
  • You will move to the new page where you have to click on “Security question”
  • Now, Yahoo will ask some questions
  • If the answer matches and shows that you are the owner of the account, then you can edit the password

With these two ways, you can edit the password and recover the account. It will work in case of when you delete the account. For more information, you can take aid from the service team of Yahoo. 

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