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GOOGLE LLC, an American multinational technology company, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998. It specializes in all the Internet-related services and products which comes handy in our day to day life activities and helps us perform all our daily and essential needs in a handful manner. it includes online advertising technologies, GOOGLE is a world renowned search engine as well, cloud computing, dealing in software and hardware as well. In the information technology world, it is considered to be alongside the BIG FIVE technology companies which are AMAZON, FACEBOOK, APPLE and MICROSOFT.
Unfortunately, if in any event you forget the password for your google account, which is mainly the email services which GOOGLE provides known as 'GMAIL', it will turn out to be a blunder as a lot of our lives are revolving around the service provider 'GOOGLE.' Whether it be our mailing services, the backup which we have stored from years, the memorable moments on your phones, the navigation system which we use or our Android Suite which has a complete dependency on the 'GOOGLE PLAY STORE', in a situation like this it will turn out to be very troublesome as we will be feeling handicapped from using our phone and our internet services as well.

Google Account Recovery Page

In a situation aforementioned one must know how to get rid of the problem or how to get a solution on his/her own without any hassle. Being a BOSS at the game, GOOGLE provides cream layer services in a situation like this as well. It provides ample knowledge on how to recover your account in any way possible if you have lost access to your account and you want to gain it again.
Following are the steps mentioned on Google Account Recovery Page-
⦁ This process will be only useful if you are looking for a solution for your own personal google account.
⦁ If you have a problem with the account of your work, school or other group, the steps won't work and you'll have to contact your administrator.
⦁ The steps provides solution in the worst possible scenario as well considerably if you forgot your username, your password and you can't even get the verification codes, just follow these steps to gain access to your google services like Gmail, Photos and Google Play.
1. FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD : If you forgot your password and you wish to gain access to your account once again, you'll have to follow the below mentioned steps.
  • You'll be getting the security questions which you might have added the day you created your account, you'll have to answer them.
  • To find your username, you'll have to input your phone number or the secondary email address which you might have added for the recovery options while creating your account.
  • You'll have to input your full name as well according to your account.
  • Follow the instructions to confirm it's your account and you are the official account holder.
  • After these steps, you'll see a set of usernames that match your account according to the credentials that you filled in to find your email account.
  • Locate your email address and continue with your account afterwards.
You can secure a compromised google account as well, if you notice any  unfamiliar activity going on your google account and you think that someone else has hacked your account and using it without your permission. Follow the below mentioned steps to spot any suspicious activity to get back to your account and make it more secure.
  • You can use the account recovery page if someone else changed your account info, like your password, your phone number or your secondary email address.
  • It can also be used if someone else deleted your account and is misusing it.
  • Or else you cannot sign in to your account because of any other reason.
  • You can also recover a deleted google account with the help of Google Account Recovery Page.
  • You won't be able to recover the data of your account but you can definitely recover your deleted account.
  • Once you recover, you'll have to set a password which you never have used before.

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