Google Account Not Working

How to fix Google Not Working?

  1. Restart the device: Sometimes, the issues in Google can be resolved by simply restarting your device.
  2. Free up the space: Release some space on your device in order to fix the issue.
  3. Troubleshoot your internet connection: Make sure you have a stable internet connection on your device.
  4. Try using a different browser: You must use a different browser in order to know the issue is with your device or browser.
  5. Perform the Factory Data reset: You can even do the factory rest that will remove all your files and data.

How to fix Google not working on android?

  1. Restart your android phone: There are times when there is no major issue with Google app in android.  So, the simple rebooting of the phone can be best before jumping on the other complex solutions.
  2. Must have proper internet connection: As Google gets the results from the internet, so try opening a website on your phone; if you are unable to do so, then it means there is a problem with your internet connection.
  3. Delete the Google App cache: Removing the cache from the Google app has helped many users to resolve the issue.
  4. Try Updating Google App: To fix the issue, you must update the app to its latest version.

Why is Google not working on my computer?

  1. The issue can be due to the weak or poor internet connection in your computer as it fails to load the web pages.
  2. If you are not having the current version of Google then the latest operating system will not support it.
  3. Collection or storing of cookies and caches in your device can be a major reason behind the Google Not Working issue.
  4. Another reason can be firewall of the antivirus which is terminating Google to load its content.

How to resolve Google not working on chrome?

  1. Restart your PC: Try restarting your PC as it can fix most of the technical issues with your device.
  2. Wipe out the application cache and data: You should delete cache and app data from your device.
  3. Reinstall the chrome: Try uninstalling the chrome and then reinstall it again to solve the issue. 
  4. Update your chrome browser: You are advised to update the chrome browser to its current version.

How to fix Google search not working on windows?

  1. Reboot your device: You must forever restart the device to mend the Google search issues on the window.
  2. Update your Google application:  To sort out the matter, it is proposed to update the Google app so that the Google search can work ordinarily.
  3. Remove cache and cookies of the Google app: The user should delete the cache and cookies from the Google app in order to fix the problem.
  4. Proper internet connection: You need to have a good internet connection in your device otherwise these will repeat.

How to fix Google not working on tablet?

  1. Restart your tablet: You are recommended to restart your tablet to get your issue fixed.
  2. Good internet connection: The user’s tablet should have effective and good internet connection.
  3. Update your Google app: Always update your app to its existing version.
  4. Erase the cache and app data: You need to erase the cache and app data from your Google app.

How to fix Google not working on iPhone?

  1. Restart your iPhone: Quit all the applications and then restart your iPhone to fix the issue.
  2. Check whether Google application is updated:  To settle down the issue, you are supposed to update the Google app.
  3. Eliminate the cache and cookies from the Google app: You are bound to remove the cache and cookies in order to fix the issue.
  4. Appropriate network connection: You should have active internet connection in your iPhone.
  5. Go for a private window: You can fix the issue by trying searching the web pages on the private window.

How to fix Google not working today?

Sometimes, the user faces different kinds of issues in the Google but it can be fixed with the help of some given solutions:

  • Reboot your device or PC.
  • Go for an update of Google app.
  • No disturbances in your internet connection.
  • Cache and app data should be cleared.

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