Google Account Disabled Due to Suspicious Activity

A comprehensive guide on how to reaccess disabled Google account because of disability

Google is a tech-based giant that is known for offering its users the best of services and products. Further, to ensure the privacy and security of the user's data, Google has introduced various security features and this is a reason why most of the time the accounts are blocked or disabled. 

Well, the main reason behind the account disability is the suspicious activity noticed by Google. But, what the user can do after they find out that their account is disabled because of suspicious activity? Then, one can check out the details mentioned in this article to restore access to the account in time. 

What are the steps to recover a disabled Google account 

Before heading on with the process on How to fix Google account disabled due to suspicious activity, the user is suggested to identify the suspicious activity by keeping these points in mind:

  • Verify the Gmail account settings
  • If messages are deleted or new messages are already being read
  • Bouncing of the messages
  • Messages that are not sent still appear in the sent mail list
  • Verify the last location and device of sign-in

Once the suspicious activities are identified, the user can proceed with the steps listed below to recover the account:

  • To reaccess the disabled Google account, the user is required to visit the recovery page.
  • Now, the user is required to provide the username and proceed with the process.
  • Further, the user can request the code on the linked email or phone number and proceed with the process. 
  • And then, the user can complete the verification process and create a new password for the Google account. 

Once the query on How to fix Google account disabled due to suspicious activity, the user needs to secure the account by using some of the instructions mentioned below:

Steps to secure the account

  • Begin the process by clicking on the secure Google account option. 
  • Then, on the security check-up page, click on the sign-in to start button. 
  • After that, the user can provide their sign-in information and proceed. 

After that, the user needs to check the information filled in the following heads:

a) Verify the recovery information

  • Under the recovery section, the user needs to ensure that their details are not modified, they can make the required changes to secure their account. 

b) Check the security events

  • Here, in this section, the user can find all the changes made in the security settings. If the user finds something that is not performed by them they can report the same. 

c) Verify the connected devices

  • Here, the user can find the list of the devices linked to the Google account. If the user suspects any unknown device, they can report the same to boost account security. 

d) Check account permissions

  • In this particular section, the user can verify the apps or services to which the permission is offered by the Google account. 
  • If anything in the list is suspicious, the user can remove the same. 

e) Verify the two-step verification details

  • Further, to increase the security layer for the Google account, the user can add in two-step verification to boost the security.

Still, if the user has any queries regarding How to fix Google account disabled due to suspicious activity, they can reach out to Google support for help. 

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