Facebook Account Deactivated How to Activate it

My Facebook account is deactivated; How to activate that

Facebook is an excellent social media platform of the USA, performing its operations to serve billions worldwide. This feature is temporary until your account is completely deleted and all your saved data is lost. The best thing about deactivation is that any user can reactivate their account at any time they wish. This is helpful to provide you with a short or long break from using the Facebook account. Any user can accomplish the goal to activate its account by using the official process only and can perform this after knowing about the reason for account deactivation.

Reasons for Facebook account deactivation

  • A user can deactivate its account by using the official method. Here, they need to visit the settings section and open the settings & privacy option.

  • When a user violates the terms & conditions of the usage of the Facebook account, its account gets deactivated automatically.

  • Someone hacks the account of a user and deactivates it through settings or long inactivity of your account.

  • You are using the Facebook account for any fraudulent purpose or using it to promote illegal content. 

How to reactivate the deactivated Facebook account?

Reactivating your account is a simple job to perform as it is only feasible through the official rules. You can attain this mission by speaking to its customer support and asking them to provide the best details about this topic. Use the 2 methods given here to activate your Facebook account.

Login to your Facebook account

  • First, you should visit its valid & official website of Facebook and land on its welcome page on your browser.

  • Enter the linked username by entering the email ID or phone number in the necessary web field.

  • After this, you are required to type in the necessary password of your account to prove your identity.

  • Press the enter button, and the Facebook server will identify your identity and reactivate your account.

Log in to your Facebook account via support

  • From the official and valid Facebook website, click on the Forgot Account option to choose it.

  • Enter the registered email address or the phone number in the necessary section to find your account.

  • Now, you need to select the Forgot Password option and access the available recovery methods.

  • Either choose the recovery option through its linked phone number or email address to gain a verification code.

  • Obtain that code as SMS or an Email and use that code by entering it in the necessary section.

  • Confirm your identity, and you will be able to reach its password reset section for generating a new one.

  • Click on the save option, and you will be able to use the new passcode for future use.

Therefore, you can accomplish the task of deactivating the Facebook account using the official process given here. Those who are still encountering the technical problem of the Facebook account deactivated can connect with its customer support to gain the crucial details from them. Contact its support through the 24/7 available live person and asking its expert about the process to accomplish this feature.

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