AOL Mail Not Working

AOL Mail Not Working 

If you are facing difficulties with the working of AOL mail then there are certain things that the users can resort to. In this paper, we are going to cover an overall guide pertaining to different devices that will help eradicate issues with your AOL mail. All you need to do is stick around and you are good to go.

The inclusions of this paper are surely going to help with your AOL mail. Before jumping straight into the steps that one can take in order to get rid of the problems, the first thing is to look at the common causes of the problem. To list a few, I have included a bunch of complications that are faced by the users of the AOL mail account. 

What causes AOL to break?

Well, there are a bunch of things that are quite necessary for the smooth functioning of the AOL account. If you are hoping to resolve the complications the first thing that one should know is the root cause of the problem then only you will be able to come up with the desired solutions. 

  • Poor connectivity is the most common problem that gives rise to other problems with the AOL mail.

  • Server and network issues too contribute to the problems that the users might face as far as their AOL account is concerned. 

  • Using an older version of the AOL mail account also creates tremendous problems and the application may also crash at the same time.

  • Moreover, there can be some technical problems with the AOL account that also might add to creating issues while using the AOL mail and related services.

What follows next in this paper is surely going to help you with the rectification of the problems and issues that are creating trouble with the AOL account. The entire solutions are divided into certain segments based on the device that you are looking for. In total there are six segments involved. So stay tuned and follow until the end. 

AOL mail not working on iPhone or iPad?

If you are facing trouble that is AOL MAIL NOT WORKING on your iPhone or iPad then the steps mentioned down under are surely going to help with the same. 

  • Visit the settings option on your iPhone.

  • On the settings page, navigate to the Passwords and Accounts option.

  • Select the AOL account.

  • Go forward with the Sign-in option. 

  • Enter your AOL mail address and then hit the ‘Next’ option.

  • Proceed further by typing in your password related to your AOL account. 

  • Click on the agree on option when you see the terms on another page.

  • Finally, you are required to save the settings by clicking on the ‘Save’ option. 

AOL mail not working on android 

  • The first thing that you can do is start by resetting the password for your AOL account. 

  • Updating the software is surely going to help with AOL mail.

  • Restart the AOL application on your android device.

  • You can also delete the application and reinstall it again. 

AOL mail not working on windows 10 

Try and change the antivirus settings that are probably creating issues in the first place. The built-in firewall sometimes creates issues and the users may face AOL mail, not working issues and glitches. Thus you are advised to check the Antivirus settings and try to change them for a smooth experience. 

AOL mail not working on the mac 

  • Visit the ‘System Preferences’ option on your MAC device. 

  • Navigate to the ‘Internet accounts’ option. 

  • Select the AOL account. 

  • Start by entering the AOL account email address and then click on the next option. 

  • Enter the password related to your AOL account. 

  • Next, you will get a code from AOL. Enter the code where prompted. 

  • Click on the verify option and then follow the on-screen instructions and you are done. 

AOL mail not working on outlook 

  • On Outlook the users are required to click on the select file option.

  • Next, navigate to the Account Settings.

  • Click on the AOL account followed by the Change option.

  • Click on the More Settings options from the POP and IMAP account settings box.

  • Click on the Outgoing server tab.

  • Check the box that reads SMTP requires authentication and you are done.

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