Ways to contact Kindle support phone number

The Amazon Kindle is a series of handy e-reading gadget designed and marketed by Amazon. These devices allow its users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books also the newspapers, magazines and other digital media via internet. Its hardware is developed by Lab126 which is a subsidiary of Amazon. Initially launched as one single device, now they deliver a variety of such devices which today includes: e-readers with E Ink electronic paper displays, Android-based tablets with color LCD screens and Kindle applications. All Kindle devices are connected with Kindle Store content, the store had nearly 5.9 million ebooks available in the US as till December 2017.

Ever since it is available in the market, the demand for this unbeatable device is increasing with pace. While there are lots of great features that attract a book reader toward it and make it an ebook reader, there are some issues also. In case any user get stuck with some kind of issue, they should call Kindle support phone number instead of getting panicked.

Issues of Kindle Device

  • How to transfer books from my old device to my new one?
  • Kindle is unable to find or connect to WiFI.
  • How to delete items from my library?
  • Kindle is frozen and won’t turn off.
  • Kindle is not turning on or not even getting charged.
  • How to change kindle language from Chinese to English?
  • Bought book on Kindle not showing up.
  • Kindle loses WiFi internet connection.
  • Issues while signing in.

The users of Kindle want comfortable and user friendly experience in using it. Since it is an electronic device, its users may face technical glitches. But, before you try to fix issues yourself, you should contact the support team first. Amazon Kindle support is available 24/7 by email, chat and phone.

How to contact Kindle Support ?

  • Amazon’s “Contact Us” page.

Here you can browse and select particular devices and answers to community questions. You can also choose the medium to communicate with support.

  • Amazon Device Support

Hit the “Contact Us” button in grey on the left while you access your account on computer. This will take you the contact us page again, but here you can use the support landing page to find help articles about common problems.

  • Phone

The best way to get Kindle support is to use Amazon’s “call me” feature. This can be accessed from the main page in contact us. You’d just need to mention your phone number and and they will call you within seconds to help you so there is no need to wait on hold talking to the automated machine.